Who We Are

More than two decades ago a safety professional formed a group to cater to the needs of Industrial Safety, even before the need for safety was realised. Since it was founded in 1975, the group has been continuously expanding with a commitment towards safety, resulting in the birth of in the new millenium "Safety Services".

Mission Statement

Dand's Safety Services, demands the utmost level of EXCELLENCE, CREATIVITY and SKILL from all its staff and management so that it adds value to its customers by driving to PERFORMANCE goals in ways that are quantifiable .

Dand's thrives on continuous IMPROVEMENT and QUALITY enhancements through attention to detail, consistent feedback, state-of-art MANUFACTURING, DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS, TRAINING and TEAMWORK.

Dand's seeks unendingly to bring its customers' PRODUCTS and SERVICES to MARKET ever sooner and to play a creative role in their achievement of earlier and greater commercial SUCCESS BY PROVIDING THEM TOTAL SAFETY SOLUTIONS.

Throughout its commercial pursuit, Dand's will respect and hold in esteemed honour its EMPLOYEES, to whom Dand's owes its very existence.

Dand's will maintain and enhance its reputation and integrity by demanding the highest possible ETHICAL STANDARDS and demonstrate by example an unyeilding dedication to employees, customers, vendors and BUSINESS PARTNERS.

Dand's, has been in the business of manufacturing personal protection equipment for nearly thirty years now . The quality of product and design has made Dand's synonymous with personal protection equipment .

The industrial scene has changed a lot and everywhere there is more emphasis on personal protection and the work force is much more aware in this regard . Dand's has a wide range of products to cater to the needs of various industries. Interaction with industries of varied nature has helped to develop personal protection equipment for almost all possible requirements. Today Dand's can boast of a reputation of being second to none, not only in the range of products but also for quality and effectiveness in use . The Products are well accepted & approved by all leading Safety & Fire professionals from Chemical & Fertilizers to Engineering & Instrumentation , Nuclear power & Gas projects to Ordnance & Ammunition factories, Oil & Petrochemicals to Electrical & Electronic industries etc.


Dand's has its own Research & Development department where new concepts are given shapes. Technically qualified work force helps monitor the requirements in the products. Dand's has the experience and capability to help customer's design and develop equipment customized to their own specifications. It also has a backing of excellent dealership network throughout India.


  1. Safety Belt Testing
  2. Facial Testing
  3. Shoe Testing
  4. ESD Testing
  5. Pressure Testing
  6. Safety Shower Testing
  7. Safety Spectacle Testing

Research & Development

Dand's products meet the stringent standards of B.I.S. & International Standard. The products are tested by Central Labour Institute, Bombay ; National Productivity Council , Delhi ; Central Leather Research Institute, Madras; V.J.T.I. Bombay; etc.

1 ISI MARK National Safety Council Most Safe Factory (GSC)
2 CLI APPROVALS Safety Appliances Manufacturers Association Best Marketing & Innovation (AIA)
3 CMRI Gujarat Safety Council

Dand's prides itself on its ability to provide an established quality service that is both responsive and capable - a highly competent "One-Stop Shop" for almost any personal protection equipment


Dand's are the pioneers in developing the following personal equipment, since its origin & process is going on :

  • Safety spectacles with imported toughened, ophthalmic grade zero power prescription lenses tested as per IS and US standards
  • Unbreakable soft panoramic goggles
  • High frequency welded PVC suits and aprons
  • Ear Muffs as per IS-6229 with additional support strap
  • Electrical high voltage resistant shoes upto 30 KVA with synthetic toe cap
  • Safety shoes with DVP soles & square shape IS-5852 marked toe cap
  • Spring loaded hook for nylon belt as IS-3521
  • Quick lock helmet attachment
  • Wind cocks / Wind indicators
  • Bubble-hood for positive pressure
  • ESD shoes for electronic & explosive area
  • Cold Suits for cold atmosphere
  • Positive pressure suits for full/half body with retractable hose
  • Anti-scratch poly carbonate SP service spectacle
  • Feather light PU side
  • Ladies safety shoes
  • Air line kit
  • FRP hose box